We measure the performance of all our Positive and Negative recommendations by aggregating both absolute and relative (to Topix) returns to create an average performance figure for any given year, as well as a long term average.

For example a stock on which we initiated with a Positive rating in June 2010, and which was subsequently downgraded to Mixed in June 2012, would have its performance data included from June 2012 onwards.

Performance data does not include dividend income or dealing costs. We believe the figures below provide an accurate representation of our ability to add value through our ideas and research over the long-term, in turn generating outstanding performance for our clients.

Year Average Total Average vs TPX
2010 5.71% 11.62%
2011 6.01% 8.59%
2012 4.31% 10.81%
2013 72.64% 41.15%
2014 22.33% 3.16%
2015 30.00% 8.92%
2016 32.60% 29.41%
2017 58.33% 42.63%
2018 YTD
Year Average Total Average vs TPX
2010 -3.22% -3.40%
2011 -7.77% -3.86%
2012 -0.04% -1.06%
2013 19.58% 5.40%
2014 -27.08% -25.07%
2015 2.43% -17.07%
2016 -5.11% -2.48%
2017 -4.42% -3.30%
2018 YTD

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  • Investment Week Investment Research Awards 2017 – Best Research Report: NET One Systems (7518), ‘Secure network solutions.’ Highly commended.

  • "Storm successfully identifies themes within the Japanese market, producing insightful research into original ideas to access these themes. You can tell the business has been set up by people who previously managed money as their research is in-depth, useful and not short term."

  • "Enquiries from overseas investors have been increasing & it is entirely thanks to your company."