And the winner is...Tokyo!

Written by Rowan Ewart-White

19 February 2018


The inaugural FT 1000 High-Growth Asia-Pacific companies list is out & makes for interesting reading from a Japanese perspective.

The list ranks the 1,000 fastest growing companies by compound revenue growth between 2013-2016.

With 134 companies Tokyo ranks as the #1 city, with Mumbai #2 on 60 & Sydney #3 on 52.

Whilst a tad historic the FT 1000 reinforces the reality that Japan has emerged from a near 3 decade economic slumber armed with a fresh wave of entrepeneurs & accompanying business models.

It also highlights a number of names currently in the Storm portfolio, including Mynet (ranked #62), Metaps (#77), DesignOne (#131), W-Scope (#192), Investors Cloud (#263), dip (#294), Snow Peak (#450), Rakus (#637) & Rorze (#646).

It makes for an exciting & rewarding investment environment but one which remains largely unknown or misunderstood.

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