research products

company report

A detailed analysis of the fundamentals of a business including its earnings outlook, competitive environment, financials and valuations.

in brief

A short update summarising company specific developments that may impact stock prices.

storm in the news

A compendium of news items, both in Japan and elsewhere, and accompanying assessment of their potential implications, for portfolio stocks and otherwise.

thinking allowed

A freestyle report that aims to join the dots between different stocks, areas & themes in Japan & globally.

storm weekly

A round-up of the week’s research to help clients keep track of what we are writing & thinking in one email.

research services

research sales call

An opportunity for the PM/analyst to discuss ideas in person with Storm’s sales team.

analyst call

A one on one call with an analyst to discuss the details, thinking and assumptions behind a specific recommendation.

interpreted conference call

A 3 way interpreted conference call between the PM/analyst, Storm Research & Japanese company.

company visit schedule

Organising a company visit schedule in Japan.

bespoke report

A report on any Japanese company tailored to client specifications regarding areas of interest & level of detail.