We offer a diverse range of services including company visit schedules (themed or bespoke), pre-company visit prep reports, interpreted conference calls, analyst calls & bespoke reports.

We also offer clients a free Storm Report Library search service to assist with idea generation & free access to Storm’s unique SPI (Storm Predictability Index) to facilitate understanding of how predictable a company’s (or portfolio’s) earnings stream is likely to be.

Please find our full range of services below.

company visit schedule

Putting together a company visit itinerary or a themed day of visits. Click here for more information.

interpreted conference call

An interpreted call between you, Storm Research & the Japanese company you have chosen.

bespoke report

A report or series of reports tailored to your specification on your chosen company.

analyst call

An opportunity to talk 1 to 1 with a Storm analyst about a specific stock or sector.

research sales call

A chance to chew the fat on stocks, sectors or the market with the Storm sales team.

pre-visit prep report

All the details you need ahead of any company visit on 1 A4 page.

storm library search

Use our huge report back catalogue to generate new ideas or validate existing ones.

storm predictability index

How predictable are your portfolio companies’ earnings? Find out via our SPI.

document translation

A quick turnaround Japanese to English service to facilitate improved company understanding.

Japan company visit day options

Option 1 - Yokohama Tech Tour

i. Lasertec (6920) – the world’s leading mask & mask blank inspection equipment manufacturer & a key part of the EUV supply chain. Includes a visit to Lasertec’s onsite clean room.

ii. Inter Action (7725) – the world’s leading supplier of image sensor testing equipment, an area we have identified as having long term structural growth prospects.

iii. V Technology (7717) – a leading supplier of Flat Panel Display manufacturing, inspection & repair equipment with significant exposure to China.

Option 2 – Digital Disruption Tour

i. Rakus (3923) – a SaaS provider, including Japan’s #1 e-mail management system & #1 expenses settlement system.

ii. Yume no Machi (2484) – operator of Demae-can, the dominant online takeaway meal delivery service.

iii. Raksul (4384) – operates a printing EC platform matching customer orders with spare capacity at partnered printers. It also operates logistics platform Hacobell.

iv. UUUM (3990) – Japan’s #1 multi-channel network managing over 7,000 YouTube channels with over 160m subscribers.

All days are also available on a mix & match basis or to be paired with other company visits by request.

company report

A detailed analysis of the fundamentals of a business including its earnings outlook, competitive environment, financials and valuations.

in brief

A short update summarising company specific developments that may impact stock prices.

storm in the news

A compendium of news items, both in Japan and elsewhere, and accompanying assessment of their potential implications, for portfolio stocks and otherwise.

thinking allowed

A freestyle report that aims to join the dots between different stocks, areas & themes in Japan & globally.

storm weekly

A round-up of the week’s research to help clients keep track of what we are writing & thinking in one email.