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News that 19-year-old beauty influencer James Charles, whose make-up-focused YouTube channel boasts 13.9m subscribers, caused a 4 ½ hour traffic jam after 8,000 fans crowded to see his appearance at the Bullring shopping centre, Birmingham, speaks volumes.

The gridlock was a reminder of the real star power held by this generation’s new breed of YouTube celebrities – & the lucrative opportunities that follow.

As the BBC article also went on to reference, the James Charles branded Morphe Artistry eyeshadow palette released in November 2018 sold out twice within hours, with UK stock selling out within 5 minutes of release & across Europe within 6 minutes.

Those eyeing up similar YouTube beneficiaries in Japan need look no further than UUUM (3990), operator of the country’s #1 multi-channel YouTube network.

The company manages 7,090 separate channels, including 8 of Japan’s top 10 YouTubers & 39 of the top 100. UUUM, which attracted 28,000 fans to its 10th-11th November 2018 ‘U-FES.2018’ event at Tokyo Dome City Hall, is already acutely aware of the appearance & merchandising opportunities those figures entail.

Despite the recent UUUM boom – the stock has doubled since November – we contend substantial growth prospects are set to propel it still further.

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